Ordering an Appraisal

  1. Go to: https://afrwholesale.vmpclient.com/SignIn.aspx
  2. Log in with credentials
  3. Click Orders in the menu at the top of the screen
  4. Click New Order in the toolbar
  5. Enter the following information:
    • Subject property address, city, state, and zip code,
    • Property type,
    • Appraisal Type,
    • Due date,
    • Loan Type,
    • Loan Purpose,
    • Ordered By,
    • AFR’s loan # and
    • FHA case # if applicable
  6. In the Contact and Access Information section, select property occupancy, borrower’s contact information and click the drop-down to set the Appointment Contact.
  7. In the Additional Notification Recipients field, enter the e-mail address for the people who should receive notifications regarding this order.
    Important: The Borrower’s e-mails address must not be entered here.

    • Multiple e-mail addresses must be separated by semicolons.
    • If preferred, opt to have the completed report attached to the Completion or Pending Quality Review notifications. The recipients will receive all notifications regarding this order, including:
      • Inspection scheduled
      • Inspection complete
      • Document uploaded
      • New Messages
      • Delayed
      • Resumed
      • Order changed
      • Order assigned to client
      • Cancel revision request
      • Complete
      • Cancelled
      • Appraisal submission accepted
      • Appraisal submission not successful
    • Input any additional comments or instruction for the Vendor in the last box of the page “Additional Comments or Instructions to Vendor”
    • Click Next
    • Confirm all information is accurate
    • Enter Payment information at the bottom of the page. Reminder: The only acceptable payment method = Credit Card to Vendor.
    • NOTE: for OTC appraisal orders (FHA & USDA) the purchase/sales agreement, confirmation of land acquisition, plans & specs must be uploaded to the Mercury portal during the appraisal order process.
    • Click Finish to place your appraisal order