Fannie Mae DO Sponsorship

The following procedures must be followed to sign up for Fannie Mae’s Desktop OriginatorTM with AFR (American Financial Resources, Inc.)  as the sponsor.

  1. Click here and follow the instructions.
    Important: Be sure to click the Submit Request button in Step 5.
  2. AFR will receive an e-mail from Fannie Mae with the sponsorship request.
    Note: You must be an approved AFR client in good standing for the request to be accepted.
  3. AFR will review the request for sponsorship and advise Fannie Mae. An email notification will be sent to you directly from Fannie Mae with the results of the sponsorship.
    Note: Fannie Mae can take up to 24 hours to activate your account once AFR accepts the sponsorship request.

Important: AFR reserves the right to cancel the sponsorship of a company or a branch of a company at any time for any reason and AFR requires all findings to be sponsored and finalized to AFR.

Release Findings

If you need to have a DO case file released, please email ReleaseFindings@afrwholesale.com and include the AFR Loan Number, Case ID and borrower’s last name.

Important: Findings will not be released on any file that is active, suspended or approved. Please contact your Account Manager if necessary changes are needed.

Technical Difficulties

If you are having technical difficulties and need to reach FNMA directly, their Customer Contact Center can be reached at 877-722-6757.